Proposed Sketches


We are excited to share the architectural sketches for the new shop.
The folks at Christopher Architects have done a fabulous job with this design concept,
which we find appropriate for the charming neighborhood of Cahaba Heights.


Future Home Site of In the Making


It has been a year since that devastating tornado ripped through beautiful Cahaba Heights, changing the landscape of this charming neighborhood forever.   What we didn’t realize at the time, was the opportunity that would later present itself.

In search of a new home for In the Making, we happened upon this gem in the heart of Cahaba Heights.   The property suffered a great deal of loss from the storms including the loss of one structure and several large beautiful trees that once provided a canopy of shade.  Remnants of the storm still remain today.


In pursuit of this location, we came to learn more about the owner and the history behind the property.  In the late 70’s, Edna Stevenson accquired the property to pursue her own dreams of owning a business.  It was there that she opened Rocky Heights, an art supply studio and learning center.   Her business remained open until the early 90’s.    The property would later service many other businesses up until a year ago.

It is official, In the Making has found its new home.   Located on Dolly Ridge Road, next door to Murphree’s Market & Garden Center,  you will find us just around the corner from our existing space.   Our doors will remain open until we move into the new space.

We are committed to keeping you ‘in the loop’ –  ‘sew to speak’, on the progress of our newest project!

In a sense, Edna has handed over the torch.   And we are honored to accept.

Cocoknits Weekend Wrap

Unlike Cocoknit’s Everyday Wrap, the Weekend Wrap can be completed in a weekend. Using dk weight yarn and #17 needles, it’s lace without the yarnovers and pattern repeats. The pattern includes a couple tricks for neat and springy bind-offs. Knit it with an interesting yarn (or yarns) and enjoy it all week!

We absolutely LOVE this pattern because of its versatility.   (We’ve cast on a 3rd shop sample today!)   Not only does it work on practically every body type, you can use just about any dk weight yarn.  Here are just a few options that you can find in the shop or on our site:


We are so excited to have so many of you already making this project.   Now that you have the pattern down, why not cast on for another?

Want to join in on the fun?  You can find the hard copy pattern here or download a PDF directly from the designer.

Cocoknits Weekend Wrap

Cocoknits Gisela













As the pattern reads:   Almost every time I wear this cardigan in public, someone tries to buy it right off my back! Why?

Because if you are a woman of a certain age and your upper arms are not what you’d like them to be (and you’re too busy knitting to go the gym) this cardigan allows you to wear sleeveless tanks while diverting attention from your upper arms. And for all body types, this cardigan is a perfect amount of sexy.

More good news? It takes only 3 (3, 4, 4, 5, 6) skeins of Cotton Gima, by Habu.   The yarn in this cardigan is on the thin side and may be a bit tricky to work with, and the finished product stretches every which way but I think you’ll find the result is worth the effort.

Gisela above, is the original version and described in her own words.  Another timeless design by our good friend behind the Cocoknits label.


Meet our Gisela, knit up in one of our most favorite yarns, Revive by Rowan.  Revive is a blend of 36% recycled silk, 36% recycled cotton and 28% recycled viscose, another suitable yarn for our climate.  As you can see from the images, by simply changing the yarn and keeping the same gauge, the outcome is totally different.


You can find the hard copy pattern here or download a PDF directly from the designer.

The Linen Top


The Linen Top


In case you don’t already know about the complimentary Linen Top pattern designed by Kat Coyle, I’d like to share it with you now.

It’s the perfect layering piece for your spring/summer wardrobe.   And it’s a pretty easy knit too.

Just 2 skeins of Louet Euroflax Linen and you too can jump start your spring knitting today.   Of course, we’ve made our modifications for our store sample while preserving the spirit and essence of the original design.   We hope you like it.

Color:   Josie – a custom color created especially for In the Making.  You won’t find this color anywhere else.

Tweaks:   CO 70 sts instead of 46 sts
Omit the eyelet pattern row on back
Embellish with a matching crochet flower to celebrate Spring!

Don’t crochet?  No worries, we are happy to crochet a matching flower for a nominal fee.

For the complete original pattern of The Linen Top, click here.


While I’ve been away……


Has it really been 60+ days since my last post?   Jeesh!   I’ll try and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

As you I mentioned in my closing post for 2011, I had yet to set a project goal for 2012.   And as of today, I still haven’t.

I am having more fun filling up my queue, with both knitting and sewing projects.   Of course, shop knitting doesn’t seem to ever stop.   Recently I completed 4 garments ideal for spring and summer which I plan to reveal in the next few days.   I typically don’t knit according to color trends (and from what I understand, Tangerine is the HOT color for spring) and opted for a neutral color palette.    I figure you can accessorize with color!

Here are a few designs I hope to tackle in 2012.


  Ecuador by Joji  –  Just waiting for the perfect shade of fingering weight yarn to arrive.   I think I like it without sleeves though.









Watershed by Indigirl Knits – I can’t seem to decide on a color.










   The Prairie Shawl found in Juju’s Loops –  Surprisingly, we have several skeins of this exact yarn in the shop right now.   Suppose I need to grab it before someone else does!









Swoon – another great design found in Juju’s Loops.  Again, another color challenge.

Sure wish I had that white shirt in my wardrobe.









Sewing (all of these projects can be found here:
























52 in 52 ~ No. 52


No. 52 ~  The Beekeeper’s Quilt

The final project of our 52 in 52 knitting challenge is The Beekeeper’s Quilt designed by Tiny Owl Knits.   The Beekeeper’s Quilt is made up of stuffed honeycomb shaped pockets using scrap sock yarn.  The honeycomb’s are fun to make because they’re smushy, cute & feel like a little finished project all by themselves.  I’ve finished a few to show you here and plan to knit the remaining honeycomb’s throughout 2012.

The pattern for this project can be found here.















Mission Accomplished!  When I signed up for this knitting challenge, I had no idea that there would be a secondary challenge as well.  Choosing projects and knitting them for you came naturally.  Composing 52 emails highlighting each project became the real challenge.  Truth is, I’d rather be knitting!   I am pleased to have accomplished this goal and hope that you had fun following along.  I appreciate all the feedback and the support.

As we head into 2012, I have yet to set any knitting goals.  I have a few projects on the needles that I need to complete and hope to share them with you as I bind off.

On behalf of the entire staff, we wish you a Happy New Year and a productive 2012.